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  Testimonials from our Property Owners.

Owner, Daniel K.

"I have utilized Fickling and Company for almost 4 years for management of my rental property and from the beginning it has always been an amazing and stress free experience. The professionalism and customer focused nature of the staff has always been front and center and truly appreciated. I couldn't have asked for a better team to entrust my property to and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a top notch property manager."

Daniel K.

Owner, David S.

"Experienced professionals with a depth of property management knowledge who care about their client's and their client's properties is what Fickling & Company Property Management is. For 8 years a local competitor managed my property and they left me with $2500 of damage to my property that should have been passed onto the renters. Not until I switched over to Fickling did I know what a good property management company does. From day one of managing my property, Fickling helped me find the right contractors to make the necessary repairs to my property. They send pictures of the before and after work being done and provide me with all the correspondence between Fickling and the contractor. Everyone in the property management office is polite and attentive. Christa Atkinson is the manager of my property and gives me frequent updates even if everything is fine. If you want peace of mind that your property is in good hands go with Fickling & Company."

David S.

Owner, Kyle F.

"I want to thank Lisa and everyone at Fickling & Company that has helped me so quickly and efficiently find an excellent tenant for my rental home. I just recently switched to Fickling & Company after 4.5 yrs with a different property manager and have been blown away with the prompt and excellent service provided. I was having trouble getting a tenant in my home for several months and after switching to Lisa I have a new tenant within 1-2 weeks. I can not believe I waited so long to make the change to Fickling & Company. I would recommend Fickling to anyone who is looking for an excellent property management service."

Kyle F.

Owner, Guy H.

"Fickling and Company has been handling the lease of my home for the last 16 months. They have been most helpful in managing the property in my absence. I was told up front all the terms and conditions and list of what they will do and what they won't. So far they accomplished everything I needed. The payment is always on time and any problems are handled by them or I have been contacted ASAP. I would recommend Fickling to anyone wanting to lease a property."

Guy H.

Owner, Sheila H.

"The team at Fickling & Company Rental Department are awesome! I chose Fickling & Co. because there were no up front fees and they didn't request payment until they had secured a tenant and I had a signed lease agreement in hand. They thoroughly screened potential tenants and found only those who were qualified to rent my home. Rental payments are usually deposited into my account before the 10th the month, which is great! Another good thing about them is that they provide full service property management, which includes handling of all maintenance calls, payment collections and the eviction process when necessary. This provides me a great deal of relief knowing that I don't have to deal with the tenants directly and that my property is well taken care of. I would highly recommend Fickling & Co. services to anyone in the area looking for a full service property management company."

Sheila H.

Owner, Georgia C.

"My experience with Fickling Rentals has been great! I have had experience with other companies and this has been my best experience by far. My agent has been responsive in good and bad circumstances to keep me informed of my property. Additionally, the agents I have worked with at Fickling Property Management have worked hard to keep my property occupied with a tenant while my property has been under their management. I appreciate all they do since I live out of the state and trust their ability to manage my property well. "

Georgia C.

Owner, Carol H.

"We listed our property for rent with Fickling & Company about three years ago. They quickly found a quality renter, and it's been smooth sailing ever since! I recommend the Fickling rental team to anyone who's considering renting out their property."

Carol H.